Monday, 19 March 2012

New Collection 2000 HORRID Foundation!

Okay so basically i usually use Collection 2000 Naturally Radiant foundation which i really like and i've heard that some of the other Collection 2000 foundations are good and whilst i was shopping i saw they have a new one out. I'm running out of my usual one and so i thought i'd try the new one and see what it's like, their new foundation is called Naturally Matte and it is HORRIBLE.

I used it the next day and i was so disappointed! The foundation is really watery and when you apply it it just does not blend in, it goes patchy and dries horrible and if you try to blend it it rubs off like a rubber when you rub out pencil and it has no coverage what so ever just ajuhnriuhreu ergh. DO NOT like this at allllll! When i was like 12 years old i bought the Natural Collection £1.99 foundation and if you have ever tried this you will know how absolutely vile this foundation is and i have to say the Collection 2000 one reminds me of this! So today i went and bought my usual naturally radiant foundation which i love, so Collection 2000 are not completely in my bad books!

I will never be using this foundation again and i felt like i just had to write this post as i dont want any of you guys to waste your money on this horrid product! Also i felt i needed to have a rant and let out my dissapointment....

DO NOT USE THIS FOUNDATION! (unless you want to look like patchy the brown and white dog)