Sunday, 25 March 2012

JLS: The 4th Dimension

So I went to see JLS at the O2 Arena last night and it was AMAZING! They honestly do the best live performances i've ever seen! I was in the 20th row back and I was so close I nearly got my eyebrows singed off by the fire shooting machine thingys..! 
How close i was!
I love going to see JLS because along with their amazing voices they actually put on a good performance with their shows having a story to it and by literally flying in, coming through the crowd and going over the crowd on a giant metal triangle!

Last time I went to the tour Aston sung 'That's my girl' to me, eeeeek yes it was amazing! And so this time I thought I may not have such a good time as it would be about 0.0000001% chance of that happening again and so it wouldn't quite live up to the last time, however I actually think it was better than the last tour and I also still got some contact with the JLS boys...

They had a mini stage in the middle of the crowd which they flew in and landed on and so how ever are they going to get to the main stage without walking round the sides and past the crowd, eeee! I managed to stroke Aston and Oritse which maybe made me a bit tooooo excited..
When they came past!
Before they performed they also had a few performances from a band called nvs or something which i wasn't overly impressed by, Starboy Nathan who I loved and a girlband called Vida which I loved aswell!

So I had such a goood night and am already so excited for the next tour, eeee!

The end, aww I love this picture!

Emily xxx


  1. So jealous you saw JLS :)
    I love them xxx

  2. Aww it was amazing! You should go to the next one it's so worth it! A 20 year old guy said it's the best live thing he's ever been to so I think that's saying something haha! :) xxx

  3. *Blog Hop*

    Not a JLS fan, but I work in the O2, and both JLS nights were crazy hectic. Glad you had a good night! :)


  4. Heyyy hun I went to JLS in Sheffield and Manchester check out my post on what I wore to see them :) xxxx