Wednesday, 7 March 2012

HAUL: h&m, new look, primark, superdrug

This isnt a lot but just a few bits ive bought recently!
The stripy skirt is from h&m and is £12.99, it has a zip down the front and two little zip pockets. I bought a plain black boobtube from primark to wear with it but for some reason it came up a bit small so i had to get a size 6 when im usually a size 8, it has a little ruched bit at the top which adds a little detail to it and was only £2.50!
The next picture is a blouse from primark which you can also get with pink down the front but they didn't have any pink ones! The buttons are hidden except for three at the top which is quite cool and although you can't see it, the triangle ends of the collar are blue aswell.
I ran out of dry shampoo and thought i'd try the superdrug one as it's only 99p and i'd say it works exactly the same as the batiste one and it also smells really nice!
I bought some sudocrem to put on my face because my friend said it's really good at reducing redness and im definitely really happy with it! And although alot of people don't like the smell i actually love the smell of it! I work part time in a pharmacy and got it there for about £2
The two middle pictures are actually a giant ring i bought from new look, its bright pink and has tiny little gems around the edge and although you can't tell in the picture, it is huge! I think it was about £4.99 but was buy one get one free so i got the earrings in the picture next to the ring. The picture just would not focus but they're made of loads of different little shaped gems and they kind of shine different colours in the light! I think they were £3.99 but i got them free with the ring!
I bought these eyelashes as i thought they looked quite thick but still quite natural, at least compared to my normal false eyelashes! They're pre-glued but do not stick at alll so you'd have to use a different eyelash glue such as eyelure for them! They were £1.99 and i also got these from the pharmacy i work in
The next picture is some false nails i got from primark which were only £1!! Theyre bright red with white polka dots and i love them, i got them to wear to a party because my nails have all broken and are horrible atm! I got quite a few compliments on them at work so definitely a good buy for a pound!
I usually use the Rimmel 25 Hour Foundation and i buy it from the pharmacy i work in but they had ran out of my colour and i had to get a foundation as i had completely ran out! So i tested a few on my hand and got this Collection 2000 one which i would say is actually really similar to the Rimmel 25 hour one and its a bit cheaper, i think about £3.99!
The lipbalm really isn't interesting but i just thought i'd chuck it in, im allergic to an ingredient in so many lip products so this is one of very few lipbalms i can use! But as its E45 its really good moisturising so i dont mind! I got it from work and i think it was about £2 something!
The last thing is a few herbal essences products i got from superdrug as theyre all half price at the moment! I got all 3 products for about £5.50 so i was really pleased with that! I got dazzling shine shampoo and conditioner which smells SOOO good i just love washing my hair with it! I also got the smooth and soft intensive mask which also smells really nice! The whole range of these herbal essences products smell so nice but my favourite is the smell of dazzling shine! When i use these three products they do exactly what they say, ive only used them once and they made my hair so soft and shiny so i am really loving these at the moment!

I've ordered a few products from e.l.f. make up after i saw a blog post on them and decided to try them, some of their lip products don't contain the ingredient im allergic to and they're only £1.50-£3.50 yay! I'm definitely way more excited than i should be! They also had 20% off so i thought i'd make an order whilst that offer was on, they should be arriving soon so when they come i will do a blog post on them!

Emily xxxx

(PS: this is such a long post, sorry haha!)


  1. I use sudocrem all the time, it lasts for ages aswell! I also got some of the herbal essences product's and the dry shampoo from superdrug, I've tried the mask but none of the others yet :) xx

  2. Yeah i've had mine about a week and it looks like ive used it once! Try the dazzling shine shampoo and conditioner, smells soooo goood haha! xx