Thursday, 8 November 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Passion fruit cleanser

Hey guys!

So you might have seen this in a haul I did a couple of weeks ago which I got on offer for just £2..

Overall, i'm actually really disappointed with this product. I think of The Body Shop as having really good products that work really well, it is a fairly big bottle for it's price tag which is usually £4, it smelt really nice and was also the last one left so there I was thinking I'd got a right little bargain. However, whilst these are all good things it doesn't do what it's meant for, it literally didn't take my make up off. 

When I used it the first time I rubbed it all in and wiped it away with my sponges but it had barely budged, I still had huge patches of make up on my skin. I did a second cleanse and it still didn't budge so I had to use my normal cleanser! It is literally the worst cleanser I have ever used for taking off my make up. It is fairly nice to use in the morning when it's not taking my make up off as it does smell nice and refreshing but I am no where near loving it! So yeah I really wouldn't recommend buying this! :( Disappointing Body Shop!

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Emily xxx  


  1. I've never tried any Body Shop cleansers but I will certainly be avoiding this one. Such a shame it didn't work xoxoxo

  2. Awww shame it didn't work well!