Monday, 12 November 2012

Giveaway prize change! :(

Hey guys!

So I hate to do this but the MUA eyeshadow palette I was going to put in my giveaway I literally can't find in any of my local Superdrug stores! I've looked quite a few times and they never have it and with the giveaway ending on Thursday I've decided to change it to the new Undressed eyeshadow palette!

MUA Undressed palette
 Although I've had to change the prize, this is a brand new palette and the colours look amaazing! So I hope you don't mind but it was this or nothing :)

Only 3 days left to enter so get onto it super quick if you havn't already! 

Emily xxx 



  1. have you tried ordering it online there's free delivery until sunday 4th December I think? You can also leave your email address so they can email you when it's back in stock!

    Cami x

  2. these colours are so pretty!