Sunday, 18 November 2012

Replica Topshop skirt!

Hey guys!

Just a super quick post to inform of some very intersting findings! I have seen leather skater skirts everywhere and love them and I have been particularily lusting after the Topshop one with studs around the waist. However, just having a browse on ebay as you do and I find basically the same skirt for half the price!

I'm not sure on what the quality would be like but I have had good experiences with ebay before and this one does come from England. Usually a lot of the cheaper items on ebay come from China and I did expect this would but no no all the way from Salford. I have just got a new job so I am going to be poor for a month until my first pay, booooring, but when I get paid I am going to purchase this! (Unless Topshop happen to put theirs in the sale....)

Emily xxx 


  1. That skirt from eBay is such a bargain! X

  2. What a bargain! It's pretty much identical, just hope it's good quality!
    Megan xxx

  3. This is great. I always try shop around before I buy anything cause you can always usually find a dupe. X

    1. Yeah defo always worth a look through ebay! xx

  4. What a bargain they do look alike! I do like to shop around first before buying too.

    I'm running a GIVEAWAY on my blog open to everyone!:)

  5. that's an amazing dupe!!