Monday, 16 April 2012

OOTN: Sophies birthday

Last week was my best friends birthday and so we went out and this is what I wore...

 My outfit is the first picture but as you can't see my shoes I added the second picture of another time I wore the shoes!

Blouse - Applesnow £11.99
White vest (under blouse) - Primark £2.50
Shorts - New Look £16.99
Shoes - New Look £12 in sale

The blouse and shoes won't be in stores anymore but the shorts are still are quite new and are still being sold! You can also get them in a lovely blue colour and a coral and I want them both as I LOVE these shorts! They fit really well and are so soft and comfy I just absolutely love them and would definitely recommend buying them! They're also the perfect length as they're short shorts but not short enough to have my bum cheeks hanging out the back! Anyway enough babbling about the shorts, hope you like the outfit!

Emily xxx


  1. This is a really cute outfit. I love the shoes, blouse and of course the shorts. so pretty.

    now following.