Thursday, 6 February 2014

The handiest beauty site | My Beauty Compare

Hi everyone!

So today I'll be sharing with you this great new site, My Beauty Compare. If you're interested in finding the perfect product for you, for the best price, all backed up with reviews from fellow beauty lovers then this is the site for you!

When I first signed up, I filled out a little quiz about my skin type, hair type and lifestyle so MBC could get to know me a bit better. So I ticked things such as pale skin, comedones, sensitive, blue eyes, blonde hair, split ends and lots more! It really does find out a lot about you, which they then use to give you personalised recommendations on every beauty or hair product on the site. You can also go back on to this profile and edit it, which is definitely handy if you get a sudden bout of dry skin or breakouts.

So as shown in the photos above, when you click on a certain section, for instance blushers, they give you the top four that they think will suit you. The first two blushers they recommended for me look gorgeous! Then, when you've found a product you like the look of, it will show you where you can get the product for the best price, such as Boots or Debenhams.

Then, as if all that wasn't helpful enough, you can look at reviews on the products and even have a chat in the forum to really ensure that this is the product for you! Much better than ordering a product and hoping for the best eh! MBC do the research for you and if you're still not certain, make it super easy to do your own research.

They're the worlds first beauty price comparison and personal recommendation site which is crazy really, why hasn't anyone done this before? Everything handy all in one place, I'll definitely be using this site to save me a bit of time when I'm on the hunt for a new product!

Will you be checking out My Beauty Compare?

Emily xxx

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