Monday, 17 February 2014

B. Pure Micellar Water

Hi everyone!

So today I've got a review of a product I actually got fairly recently. Usually I will test products out for a while before writing a review on it, but with this I have already made my mind up and further testing will make no change on my opinion on it.

Now one thing that really annoys me, is when products claim to be for super sensitive skin, but definitely aren't. As you can see on the front of this bottle it states 'Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive'. This is not true. To be honest I wouldn't say my skin is majorly sensitive or one of the 'most sensitive skin types', however it is definitely sensitive, particularly my eyes.

Despite being advertised as suitable for sensitive skin, this made my eyes red, watery and stinging. I didn't have too much of a problem with it on my face, but it does feel slightly drying and make my skin feel tight. It is definitely no where near as gentle as other micellar waters I've tried, which won't sting my eyes at all. 

I bought this when I was making a big order on the Superdrug website, I actually wanted to repurchase the Garnier micellar water but they didn't have it. I saw this version and I thought I may aswell give it a go as it was cheap and basically the same thing (or so I thought). I will definitely be going back to the Garnier or L'oreal micellar waters as they don't affect my skin at all. As for my opinion on those two, I will just buy whichever one works out cheaper because they are exactly the same. The ingredients are literally identical and I have used both and noticed no difference between them.

I am going to continue using this micellar water just to use it up, but I won't be using it to remove my make up. I have been using the No7 eye make up remover and Cetaphil cleanser for that, then I will just take this on a cotton pad to remove any excess. I'll do the same in the morning for a super quick cleanse/freshen up however I will avoid my eyes and also my lips. It tastes disgusting!

If you don't have sensitive skin maybe this would be okay for you, but I would definitely recommend going for the Garnier or L'oreal versions. They aren't that much more expensive and are always on offer, so it is totally worth it. They also both come in larger bottles so I wouldn't actually say there is that much price difference.

I will definitely not be repurchasing the B. Pure micellar water. I can get much gentler versions that work out near enough the same price and will last me longer, so to be honest I wouldn't recommend this. I don't usually like to do negative reviews, but it's definitely just as important to prevent you wasting your money as it is to show you where you should be spending it!

Do you like using micellar waters? Which one is your favourite?

Emily xxx

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  1. I totally agree with this, I have very sensitive skin and breakouts usually occur. When I used this my eyes watered, and again you're right the taste was horrible when removing lipstick!
    It was fine for base make up but I wouldn't repurchase.
    Great post! Would love if you checked out my blog too,