Monday, 22 April 2013

Summer FOTD

Good evening! How lovely has the weather been these past few days, I so hope it stays nice and continues to get warmer! Although it has made me do a bit of shopping when I should be saving...

I've just been working but i've been wearing this make up which is a very natural kind of glowy summer look. I say natural, but I do have my Estee Lauder double-wear foundation on.. I wanted flawless skin but still very natural so I just used my Naked 2 palette to add a little bit of colour to my eyes, a slick of mascara and my new favourite Dainty Doll blusher which I will be posting about soon! I just have a Cocoa butter lip balm on but I actually love wearing it, it has no colour but just makes my lips look moisturised and nicer.

Please excuse my absolutely terrible roots! I will be dying them hopefully tomorrow, I have the day off so i'm hoping mr sunshine comes out :)

What's your favourite spring/summer make up product?

Emily xxx

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  1. I love being able to wear a natural look over the summer.


  2. Your lucky you have such flawless skin to wear such little products, envy!plus you can have more fun with eyes and lips if you don't have to worry about coverage. your makeup looks beauitful.

    1. I have tons of freckles and little scars, this foundation is my favourite product ever! Thank you xx