Friday, 12 April 2013

Casper the pig

Goood evening! So today i've had the day off work and I had a driving lesson (yes i'm still learning, worlds worst driver) and then I went for lunch with my dad. This is just a simple outfit I threw on in my morning rush but thought I would share with you! Excuse the bad pictures and mirror shot, wherever I stood I had bad lighting and I just couldn't get a good picture, hence the weird ring pictures.. Also wondering why I got my belly out when 1. it is cold and 2. I went for a carvery...

Top and jewellery - Primark
Disco leggings - Republic
Converse - Schuh

My make up is very simple and natural, again due to me rushing about in the morning! Today I had to embarce my natural paleness, I have no fake tan on what so ever so out came my Estee Lauder foundation in THE palest shade possible. (I usually wear a darker one) Yep, casper the ghost right here. Can you just see the colour of my arms in the very first picture, it is actually ridiculous! Anyway, I added a bit of colour with my favourite GOSH bronzing pearls and a Revlon blush, neutral colours from my Naked 2 palette, a few slicks of mascara and my Mac lipstick in 'please me'.   

When I got home I made the most yummy cookies ever, taking them out of the oven JUST as we had a powercut. Thank you power cable god for letting my cookies bake first, I appreciate it lots. I then spent an hour playing 'I spy' with my little sister till the power came back on... I'm going to do a post on my cookies because I just have to share them with you! On the subject of food, I'm about to have chinese takeaway. Carvery, cookies and chinese takeaway in one day. I am going to be morbidly obese and my summer holiday pictures are going to be atrocious but hey a girl can treat herself once in a while :)

Emily xxx


  1. Emily, your makeup looks so beautiful and natural! So pretty! xo

  2. Lovely necklace! I love wearing converse, I live in mine! x

  3. Your make-up actually looks lovely here, you've got such a nice complexion.. and I'm not just saying that to be nice or I probably would have just waddled onto the next post...and I'm loving the outfit, I've been wanting some high waisted leggings/disco pants for ages but I'm not prepared to part with £75 or however much they are at American Apparel, think I'll have a gander at missguided because apparently they have nice ones... oh shame, really did not mean to write my life story here.... my point was - you look nice .... really need to learn how to stop rambling on other peoples blogs!

    1. Aww thank you haha! Yeah i have missguided ones too theyre nice :) and dont worry im a rambler too! xx

  4. Ah you look fab hun! Love your makeup and outfit so much! I need the disco leggings in my life haha; they are amazing! :))


  5. love your make up here!so natural and pretty :) also carvery & Chinese sounds like the perfect day mmm :p
    good luck with the driving! I somehow managed to get a license and I am a terrible driver so there's hope for you as I'm sure you can't be as bad as me.lookingbforward to seeing your cookies post xxx

    1. Thank you! Haha it was yummy, I feel sorry for other drivers when im on the road haha! It'll be up soon :) xx