Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Haul: Primark, New Look, Missguided

Evening girls! (and boys maybe!)

These past few weeks or so I've bought a few bits so thought I would share them with you! This is also going to mark the start of my spending ban! Apart from essentials I am going to try my absolute best not to spend money on clothes and lipsticks and more things I don't strictly need.. I need to save up for car insurance and I also want a laptop and to go travelling so I need to get saving my pennies! You are free to tell me off if you see any such spending on here or twitter!

Dainty Doll blushes and CK lipsticks - Fragrance Direct £1.99 each!! Amazing offer
Rimmel Apocolips - Boots £5.99
EcoTools foundation brush - Boots £7.99

Nive Soft - Boots £2.45
Long necklace - New Look £5.99
Lashes and Minnie Mouse Lip Smacker lip balm (smells like strawberries, so so good) - Primark £1 each
Watch - Missguided £16.99
Perfume - Cheapsmells £33 ish
Hair Dye, Coconut oil and MUA highlighter - Superdrug £5.49, £1.50 (on offer) and £3
Primark - £6 I don't know if I even like these. Im size 4-5 but they make my feet look huge :(

Long vest - Primark £3 Just for the gym!
Leapord shorts - £4

White lace crop top - New Look £7.99 ish
Black patterned crop top - New Look also £7.99 ish
Beige patterned top - New Look £9.99

Mint thin jumper - New Look £7 on offer, was £14.99
Dark purple high waist shorts - New Look £16.99

Both shorts Primark - I think I paid about £26 for both
 Both Primark - £5 each I love these, perfect fit, lovely colours and so easy to throw on in summer, I want more!

Both h&m £7.99 each - These are really simple but I liked the fit of them, the left one is actually really bright almost fluorescent pink

The outcome of my hair dye, I only dye my roots now not the whole hair. I use the lightest colour but my hair still goes slightly orange but my purple shampoo sorts it out after a couple of washes, up until then I shall be hating my hair! I should probably get it done professionally but ugh, so much money.

 And last but not least, worlds worst nail art. I'm not allowed to have my nails painted for work but I had two days off and was a bit bored so I went for pastels. I decided to try a flower on my little nail (yes it is a flower) which didn't work out all too well.. How I once managed to do a perfect nandos chicken for a staff event, yet I can't do a simple flower is quite beyond me. Next time I will stick to plain colours!

Hope you enjoyed this haul and wish me luck for my spending ban! Also please follow me via Bloglovin here 

Emily xxx 


  1. You picked up some gorgeous stuff! i'm planning on going on a shopping spree soon.. in serious need of new makeup & clothes! love your blog hun :) Xx

  2. You got some lovely bits for the summer!I really want to go shopping but im trying so hard to restrain myself, saving is hard!! :(

    1. Ah it's so hard! I'm saving now! :( xx

  3. Some great pieces, there are so many pieces I want from Primark at the moment x