Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Missguided wishlist!

Yes i know this is another wishlist straight after a different one but there is soo much i want right now! I discovered missguided about a year ago and think its improved so much! These are just a few of MANY things i want!

I love things with owls on recently and this ring is so cute! Im not sure if it would annoy me going over three fingers tho!..
I looove the heart cut out on the back of the dress cos it makes it different from other dresses like this and its so cute!
The shoes welllll they are just simply beautiful, i am obsessed with heels and if it was down to me i would have a whole rooom fulll! My favourite out of the three is definitely the pink ones as theyre so high and my faaaavourite colour!
I love the colour of this blouse as most of my clothes are pink or white and ive been really loving pastel colours recently and this is such a cute blue! I think blouses which do up right at the top are real cute but i only have one, so this may have to make an addition to my wardrobe...
Also ive been wanting suspender tights for ages cos i think theyre so cool but everyone has the same typical suspender ones.. i love the scalloped edge at the top of the black and the hearts are soo cute and make them different to everyone elses! I love the black stockings cos again theyre slightly different with the little gold polka dots all over them!
I did a nail wrap course at college a few weeks ago and think theyre so cool and seeing as im getting the UV lamp soon illl be able to do them at home.. These nail wraps are of course my favourite colour and giraffe print instead of the typical leapord print i think theyre so cute!

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