Sunday, 5 February 2012

Crazy angel tan!

Okay so basically i went to a beauty exhibition last year with my college and there was this big stand for Crazy Angel Tan and even tho ive never heard of it, they all looked amazingly brown and it was on offer sooo i got some! And now i LOVE it and think it's the best tan ever! The one i have is actually the one you're supposed to put in the spray tanning machine but i just put it on with a mitt and its great! The only annoying thing is as its for the machine, it's a liquid so you have to be quite careful when putting it on your mitt, but its worth it! I also have the tan extending moisturiser to keep up my tan and keep me moisturised between tanning!

This is my arm au natural (bleugh!) and after crazy angel tan! I actually have the 'extra dark for olive skin' but as you can see it doesn't go that dark! It also smells really nice and although it still has that fake tan smell, its better than a lot of others!

 I bought mine from a local beauty supplier but you can buy it from their website or maybe somewhere near you if you google it!


  1. This tan looks really good! I love fake tan and as im so pale I need it! haha great post :) xx

  2. love ur blog:) would you mind following me? x