Monday, 30 December 2013

New Years Resolutions 2014

1. Start making YouTube videos
I've been wanting to make YouTube videos for so long but a combination of camera quality and nerves have held me back. This year it will happen!

2. Create a blog schedule and stick to it
I have never had a blog schedule. I always thought it would be unachievable thanks to my unpredictable work hours and just post when I can. However, I'm determined to stick to a schedule and have a routine.

3. Re-start the gym and stick to it

I signed up to the gym in January and stuck to it only for a couple of months. I don't want to lose weight I just want to tone up and be healthy. I can see this being one of the hardest ones for me!

4. Continue drinking green tea twice a day
I tried drinking green tea last year but I hated it so just couldn't stick to it. I've recently tried it again and I actually really enjoy the taste now so I'll be sticking to 2 cups a day in the new year, I've already noticed a great difference from drinking this! I'll possibly do a post on it

5. Remember to take my tablets and inhalers every day
I have got such a bed memory it's ridiculous. I have to leave my daily inhaler on my bedside table to remember to do it every morning and evening yet I still forget. As for my tablets, I think I forget them more than I remember them. It probably doesn't help that my work hours are different every day so I don't have a set routine but as is obvious, tablets are needed for a reason so remembering to take them is rather important..

6. Decide what I want to do career wise
I just have no idea, I know everyone says 'you're only young you've got ages' but I really want to decide and start working my way up/into whatever I might choose.

7. Decorate my room
It's one of those stop, start, stop, start projects that just never gets done. I think I'm going to plan absolutely everything and then take a few days off work and just get it done.

8. Pass my driving test 
I have been learning to drive for a year and a half which is absolutely ridiculous haha. It's something I just can't get the hang of and quite frankly, find really hard. Upon planning/starting to write up this post, I've been banned from driving for 6 months, possibly a year dependant on scan results, thanks health. No, I've not been a bad girl, I'm just a big cripple haha. If it will be 6 months, I might just make it, if I can't drive for a year then I think I can excuse myself from this one!

9. Go somewhere different
I've only ever been abroad to your typical holiday destinations; Spain, Majorca, France etc. This year, I would absolutely love to go somewhere more interesting. I'm not sure exactly where, but I'm thinking along the lines of China or Thailand. This is partly dependant on my next point though..

10. Save £2000
£2000 being the minimum. I am atrocious at saving and I have no idea where my money goes (apart from make up and more make up). It should be pretty easy for me to save £2000 in a whole year but that depends on self discipline in Boots.

11. Go on a night out in London
I don't fully understand why I've never been on a night out in London. I've been 18 for a year and a half now and I'm only 20 minutes away on the train. It's been planned a few times but always fallen through, so this year I must get myself there!

*All images from weheartit
12. Get a tattoo
Last but not least, I would love to get a tattoo. I've got a few planned that I know I want, not that I know which one I want first, so hopefully 2014 will be the year I get my first tattoo.

So, quite a few resolutions for this year haha! But apart from numbers 8 and 9 which I can't be confident on, I really do feel like they are achievable. I'm glad I will have my resolutions documented so I can look back this time next year and see how many I've ticked off. I feel really motivated and 'I can do this' so let's hope I get there!

What are your NY resolutions? Do you think I'll be able to achieve all these?!

Emily xxx


  1. I have been having driving lessons for a year and I still don't feel like I could pass the test!


    1. Aww don't worry, I've been learning for 18 months haha! xx

  2. you have such a nice goals dear !! Happy new year !! would you like to follow each other on GFC and on bloglovin :) xx

  3. I'm the same with my driving test - I've been putting it off for years!
    Good luck with all your resolutions and all the best for 2014! :)

    1. Haha well at least we're not alone! Thank you!! :) Xx