Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Instagram #1 & update

A photo from my 'glam rock' make up post

Au natural! Lion hair and no make up

Pretty Christmas tree!

Shall I change my hair colour?! Opinions please

JLS Goodbye tour was amazing!

Sitting in Leicester Square eating mini donuts with the bestie

This cocktail from TGI Fridays was literally the size of my face, purple rain yummmmy!

The cocktails might have affected me a tiny little bit

The O2 looking pretty for Mike Houghs performance, check him out he's amazing!

Spent the day in hospital yesterday, happy days

Back home and bowling with the family today

Red lips for Christmas eve!

And that is all the photos I have posted on Instagram in the past week! I will usually try to post these on Sunday evenings but as you can see from the photos, I was at the JLS Goodbye tour on Sunday evening. I used to be crazy obsessed with JLS when I was a bit younger and although that wore off, I still love them and they put on amazing shows. I think anyone would have enjoyed it even if you aren't particularly a JLS fan. But you're too late now anyway ;) 

I then planned on posting it yesterday evening but as you can also see from the photos, I spent yesterday in hospital. I had a fit in the morning which has never happened to me before so it's been quite a shock and I've had lots of tests and have more to come so hopefully I will soon find out what's going on! It could possibly be epilepsy, which would make sense seeing as there were lots of flashing lights at JLS but we'll see. They've ruled out things like kidney or liver infections so that's a plus! I'm back to normal now just very achey and tired and I can't be alone or drive or drink alcohol but it's nothing that's bothering me too much. I'll still be enjoying my Christmas, don't you worry ;)

I'll hopefully be back with a post towards the end of this week, so for now goodbye and have a wonderful Christmas! Eat way too much Turkey and Christmas pudding and I hope Santa brings you what you wished for ;)

Emily xxx

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