Friday, 16 August 2013


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Hey everyone!

Ever since I started my blog, I have wanted to change the name. Previously it was just my full name because I had NO idea what to call my blog but couldn't wait to start it, but I felt like it was really boring and long to say and I felt like it didn't really have its own name. 

I wanted something simple and still related to my name and I have finally decided to rename it Emilyke. Emilyke means 'little Emily' in Hungarian and is one of my nicknames from friends at work. I thought about it and decided it was exactly what I wanted; related to my name, very simple and not meaningless. So there we have it, 'emilyjaneosborne' is now Emilyke. Woohoo :)

This means I also now have a new site URL which is

I was a bit worried about changing the name seeing as it may not be recognised as the same blog and people might think it's someone else, but i've kept the rest of my layout the same for now and hopefully my lovely followers will see this post and realise it is me!

And a major downside to changing the name, I wasn't sure if it would change on Bloglovin or not and cause problems so stupid me unclaimed my blog and then reclaimed it as the new URL, therefore losing all my Bloglovin followers. :( So please please please if you were following me via Bloglovin, click here to refollow me!

Hope you like the new name! What do you think?

Emily xxx

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