Thursday, 1 August 2013

A day at the seaside

Hola! (that's me wishing I was on holiday)

My not so little anymore sister was 5 on Tuesday so we took her for a day out to Southend where we won pointless prizes in the 2p machines, ate ice cream and donuts and went on lots of rides in Adventure Island. When I say pointless, I mean seriously this is the only occasion where you would spend tubs galore of 2p's to win voodoo dolls, angry bird balls, the gangnam man and last but not least, 'fart face' the farting pillow.

I havn't been to Southend in a few years but I have been many times and I absolutely love it. Perhaps a 19 year old shouldn't be having so much fun playing on 2p machines and going on childrens rides but I had such a good day. It brings back memories of coming when I was little so it's a really nostalgic place for me. It wasn't the nicest of days, note cloudy skies in pictures, but that actually made it better for me! I can't walk about all day in the heat all day anyway and English sea sides are supposed to be cold and rainy right? It just adds to the experience!

Excuse the terrible mirror shot for my OOTD, it doesn't matter where in my house I place my camera, every outfit picture turns out as bright as if I were standing on the sun. Maybe it's something to do with the timer? I don't know but until I sort it out, I am stuck with wonderful mirror shots. I just wore leggings and this baggy top to be comfy and ready for a lot of walking about. My shoes were downstairs and I was in a rush hence why they're not in the photo, but I wore my leopard print Converse to be comfy and as I liked the colours with this top. To keep warm I threw on a chunky grey cardigan and my trusty leather jacket.

Top - Forever 21
Leggings - Select
Necklace - River Island
Lips - Elf matte lip colour in Coral (post coming soon!)

I had a lovely day out, it was so nice to get away and go back to a time in my life when all I cared about was the latest smelly gel pens. I loved spending the day with my sister for her birthday, which she declared the 'best birthday ever' and I shall be hoping to go back there again some time. Don't you just love relaxing days where you can just have fun and feel like a kid?

Emily xxx

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