Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Nandoca!

Hey guys!

So I was in the routine of posting almost everyday and now i've not posted in a week! :( This week i've worked everyday training at Nandos and will now be starting full time with awkward hours so it's gonna be hard but i'm gonna try and keep up with the blog posts!

Trainee t-shirt, I have my proper ones now i'm trained! How cool is my name badge..

I know many people will be like 'lol nandos' but I absolutely love it, the people are amazing and I have so much fun and enjoy going to work. I know this will probably wear off but I reckon I will still enjoy it! We had to do 3 months of training in 5 days because it's a new restaurant so everyone has to be up to stratch but somehow I got the second highest score and even did better than people who have done the whole 3 months training!! I got 97% which is crazy but might have something to do with this...

The reason I did well was definitely because I worked for it, I wrote it all out in tables and ways I find easier to remember it and just revised until I got it. Shame I didn't do this in my GCSE's but this was more enjoyable ok..

Yes, I get free nandos everytime I work
And dessert. Yep
 And I get to work with these super duper people :) I realise I look gross but I love these guys, plus about another 20 people who aren't in this picture! I am literally loving it so far :)

So yeah, that's why I havn't posted this week put I have got some posts coming up which I will find time to write!! 

Emily xxx 

PS: My 100th Post! woooo 


  1. Oh my god I'm SO jealous! I love Nandos, it's my favourite place! Congrats on the job! The Creamy Mash is just to die for.
    Megan xxx

  2. I think I'm in the wrong job, i want free Nando's! The most i get is free tea and cheap bread for toast.

    Tanesha x

  3. congratulations! nandos is amazing!