Tuesday, 31 January 2012

No7 Nail Polish!

I've just painted my nails with No7 nail polish in Foxglove 80 and love it! It looks a bit different on camera but the colour is kinda between these two pictures..

The brush is flat instead of round so its soo easy to paint on, its quite a thin consistency so goes on really smoothly but as it's high pigment the colour doesn't go all see through and horrible! I used a rimmel 'stronger' base coat, two coats of the No7 purple colour and topped it with No7 top coat which i also love as it dries your nails really quickly without leaving them tacky for ages! I keep stroking my nails cos they feel so smooth and nice!

Rimmel 'stronger' base coat

No7 Foxglove 80

No7 top coat

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